Requirement of Biometrics In A New Mode of Examinations

The virtual learning environment has offered so many comforts to the students of a new generation. The traditional way of learning is fading away as E-learning is becoming the new mode of learning and assessment. Before the introduction of online learning, people were only dependent on offline education. Though offline education was only a way to study, the modes of examinations were also traditional and old. But as time is changing constantly, the options of learning and giving exams are also changed. Almost every university, the academy is organizing exams and classes online. There are many other things to describe in this blog, let’s have a look below.

A way Towards Online Examinations

Covid has impacted not just the health sector, but also the educational system. We never expected that online tests would be an option for us, but the universe has so much more to give. Numerous colleges and universities have dynamically transitioned to online programs and are already considering alternate test administration methods. Universities are actively taking measures to ensure that learners may continue studying while suffering minimal educational loss. The mid-sem exams at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) have begun online, Delhi University has permitted online tests, and numerous institutions, including AU (Allahabad University), are hosting online examinations in Allahabad at their faculty.

Online lectures and exams are now used in all private and public universities. The online test option makes it easy to plan exam schedules, manage candidate authentication and verification, effectively administer examinations, and track participants online. It protects data security by restricting access to those that have been given permission. Virtually automated software assessments have the technical capacity to help progress. They also give biometric characteristics via online testing and monitoring, enabling the procedure safer, more accurate, and less expensive.

Biometric Solutions

Biometric systems are a solution for recognizing or authenticating an individual based on biological features. Face fingerprints, iris, retinal, and audio are all considered biometric features. Because every individual has a single biometric fingerprint, biometrics authentication & identification technologies are a more precise means to ensure program reliability than credentials or passcodes.

Iris-based biometric systems: Iris recognition is accomplished by the device detecting the user’s iris and matching it to database files. This is the most caliber means of verification, since iris scans are incredibly hard to cheat, in comparison to fingerprints biometrics. Organizations/institutes that work with big groups of individuals commonly utilize iris identification software. A biometrics scan solution provider offers a broad variety of iris-recognition biometric systems.

Fingerprint biometric systems: Fingerprint Biometric authentication is among the most well enough and popular fingerprints. Owing to their uniqueness and long-term dependability, fingerprint biometrics are in use for identifying for over a decade. Additionally, the fingerprint identification system is an effective and widely used biometric method.

Hand biometric system: Hand Biometric is a fingerprint authentication that looks at the shape of a person’s hands to figure out who they are. Hand structure, width, disparity, and slope may be measured in various manners. They compare such measurements to data in a record.

Face recognition biometrics: Human faces are used not only for interpersonal contacts but to also open a wide variety of equipment in the present era. There are many examples of this innovation, but facial detection is one of the best known. It uses face identification to use the person’s face as a credential for a lot of different things. This is thoroughly done at test centers to stop all sorts of fraud.

Stenography At A Glance

Stenography is a well-known course that is in high demand. One way to write quickly with metaphors is stenography, which is called Shorthand. It’s called “Ashulipi” in Hindi.  This process is often used by columnists and stenographers to make a script at a very fast speed, and then it is reconstructed and written in the same linguistic as the script itself. On the subject of shorthand, there are several job employment options. Jobs as a journalist and steno are available in public offices after acquiring stenography. Aside from govt agencies, the commercial world also has a plethora of chances in this industry. And this can only be possible after passing the typing & steno exam.


In this blog, we went through all the details about types of online examinations and it’s impacts/ benefits. Also, the biometric service providers, not just supply this, but also surveillance solutions such as biometrics identifications, personnel, scanning devices, and so on. The suppliers supply you with the complete pleasure you need throughout tests. They make it practically hard to administer exams without professional assistance since they give unwavering assistance to keep that exams are a tremendous success. As we all know, incidences of test fraud are all on the rise, necessitating the establishment of security solutions such as biometrics to ensure the smooth and unbiased organization of any tests.

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