Reasons Why Australia Is The Best Place To Study For International Students

International students get to avail themselves of a lot of benefits while studying in Australia with a Student Visa 500. They get to work while they study a subject of their choice and the courses are comparatively easier.

The students have a chance to make valuable additions to their resumes while they study and work and the globally recognized courses. You might also get scholarship opportunities while studying here. In addition to that, you will be able to enjoy the great climate of Australia and explore the diverse flora, fauna, and amazing travel locations.

The student subclass 500 visa also allows your family members to travel with you. Any expert visa agent in Adelaide should be able to support you with all the procedures of applying for the visa.

Here are the reasons why thousands of international students consider Australian universities to pursue their higher studies and apply for student visa subclass 500.

Work Easily Along With Studies

If an international student with Visa Subclass 500 maintains the course enrollment, keeps a good attendance, and makes considerable progress, they can easily work for about 40 hours every two weeks alongside their studies. This helps international students to pay for a large chunk of their living expenses such as utilities, rent, groceries, and even some part of the tuition fees.

They have the option of working in jobs that need basic skills such as agriculture sector, tourism and hospitality sector, aged care provider, petrol pumps and more.

Lots of jobs offer quite a bit of flexibility in their working hours, making it easy for the students to maintain their work and study commitments. Some sectors even allow additional work hours.

Make Valuable Additions To Their Resume

Attending a course in an Australian university makes for an impressive CV that has an international profile. Thus, the international students with subclass 500 visas studying in Australian universities are the foremost choice of employers.

Vast Variety of Subjects To Choose From 

There are over 40 universities in Australia. The institutions have a range of subjects that offer a lot of choices to the international students on a subclass 500 visa. The major universities let the students pick as many courses as they can. For instance, over 750 combinations of courses can be possible in the Australian National University. They also offer a lot of unique courses which might not be available with local institutions.

Academic Recognition Globally

Australia has some of the best research institutions. Australian universities have high-quality courses on offer in scientific fields. Students can choose to research in or study subjects like zoology and wildlife, chemistry, biology, technology and engineering, mathematics, and nursing and healthcare at major Australian universities. They can obtain degrees that are globally recognized. Thus they can use this experience to grow in their careers. International students take advantage of the resources and cutting-edge technology available for their research studies. A lot of popular inventions have happened in Australian laboratories.

Avail Study Abroad Scholarships

A huge amount of 200 million dollars is set aside by the Government of Australia for providing scholarships to international students who will join Australian Universities. This is of huge relief for students who find the cost of studying abroad unbearable. These are generally provided on a merit basis. The international student might need to show proof of financial crunch. The academic grades have to be impressive. The financial aid department of the educational institutions has information about these.

Relaxed Studies

The Australian study system has 35 hours of class or less. Rather than long class hours, the institutes focus on home assignments. Thus, the visa subclass 00 international students enjoy easier and flexible studies.

Diverse International Student Community

Most international students find fellow students from their country in their institution as thousands of international students study in Australian universities.

Almost all universities welcome students from around the globe.

Students Enjoy Amazing Weather

The international student community enjoys the amazing weather and great climate of Australia. In most places, the weather stays more or less warm to hot around the year. Most students throng to the sun-drenched Australian beaches.

Areas such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney enjoy warm and sunny weather throughout the year, which is loved by most international students. A sunny and warm Christmas is also welcomed by most of them.

Students Bring Along Family Members

If the students want their partner or dependent child with them, the visa subclass 500 also allows them to do so. The family members are eligible for a visa, and they can come along with the student or choose to travel on their own. The family members, however, must comply with all the visa procedures and meet every criterion for immigration. This includes character, health, and English competency requirements. Any experienced immigration agent in Adelaide should be able to support you in the smooth operation of your family members after understanding your unique situation in detail.

A Lot Of Fun Activities

Besides studies, the international students also enjoy a lot of activities on offer in Australia. They can opt for a getaway in nature anytime they want. There are a lot of outdoor activities as well. The students experience Australian outback, close mingling with kangaroos on the kangaroo island, see two billion years old rock formations, go for treks, and enjoy the lush rainforests.

Ocean lovers have the option of scuba diving, snorkelling, and swimming with fish. World-class art museums and art centres are loved by lovers of indoor activity. The Sydney opera house is also loved by the students for unforgettable experiences.

Final Thoughts

With all these advantages available for international students studying in Australian universities, Australia ranks fourth on the list of popular international student destinations in the world and comes below USA, UK, and China.

If you are dreaming of pursuing your higher studies in Australia, get in touch with a Migration Agent Adelaide to get your Visa Subclass 500.

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