How to quickly fix the error 0x97 on Epson printer?

Epson is a famous electronic company better known for manufacturing printer devices. You can find a wide range of printers with Epson. These gadgets offer easy installation and configuration. Indeed the printers offer good functionality but you can still face a few issues while using these printers. Epson error 0x97 is one of the most common error codes in Epson printers. This error message mainly appears when the printer is unable to communicate with the commanding device.

Common reasons behind Epson printer error code 0x97

  1. Printer services are not working
  2. Epson printer driver gets corrupted
  3. The firewall is interrupting the printer connection
  4. Invalid changes on Epson printer settings

Troubleshooting Epson printer error 0x97

Restart the Epson device

If the printer is not working and showing the error code then check for its services. The printer services may stop working due to some runtime errors. To resolve those errors, you can perform a power restart. Go to the Epson printer and remove the power cord. Now reconnect the cord and the Epson printer must start automatically. All your printer services will start from the beginning and now you check the printer for the error message. 

Use printer troubleshooter

If your Epson printer is connected to the PC then you can use the printer troubleshooter. The printer can show errors if the required files are missing or not working on the PC. You can run the printer troubleshooter. Open the computer and search for a printer troubleshooter. Run the troubleshooting tool and it will repair all your printer-related files. After repairing those files, reconnect the Epson printer and try to take your printouts.

Inspect the printer driver 

Your Epson device can get into communication issues when it can’t find the driver. This issue occurs when you don’t have the required driver on the connected device. Check the Epson printer model and install its driver/software on the PC. You can also get errors when the Epson software is outdated. Select your Epson driver and check for its latest update. In case the software is corrupted then you should reinstall it. Remove your corrupted driver from the PC and then install it from the Epson website. Restart the computer to apply changes and now check your Epson printer for the error code.

Disable the firewall

A firewall can also cause issues to the printer. When you try to connect your printer to the network; a firewall can interrupt the connection. You install the firewall to prevent the network from online threats and unnecessary connections. Sometimes, the firewall finds the printer connection suspicious and blocks it. Your printer can’t connect and starts showing an error code. For the printer Wi-Fi connection; disable the firewall. Go to the computer and disable your firewall temporarily. Now restart the WPS pin and start searching the network on the Epson printer. Select the network’s SSID and connect the printer. After creating a Wi-Fi connection, you can easily take printouts wirelessly.

Reset your Epson printer

Few users face the Epson error code after they make some changes to the printer settings. The invalid changes on the settings can cause the error. If you know the default settings, undo the changes and use the printer easily. But when you forget the inbuilt settings, you can reset the printer device. On the printer, check the home menu and go to Setup. Use the navigation button and select the Restore Default settings option. Tap on the OK button and the printer will start blinking while restoring the setting. After the Epson factory reset, you have to reconfigure the printer to the PC/phone for taking your printouts. 

Check the printhead

Epson often shows errors when its printhead is not moving correctly. The printhead needs maintenance regularly. The dry ink clogs the head which causes issues. Go to your Epson device and check its head. Epson provides a utility tool to clean the head. Turn on the printer and ensure that the ink-out light is off. Now go to the connected PC and open Epson software. Tap on the Utility tab and choose the Head Cleaning button. Now the ink lamp will start flashing and the printhead will get cleaned automatically. If you can’t use the utility tool; clean the printhead manually. You can take the printouts once the printhead starts moving correctly. 

Set your Epson device as the default

You can get issues while printing if the Epson device is not set as default. Always set your printer as default to prevent any error codes. Open the PC and visit the Settings tab. Now click on Devices and hit on the Printers & Scanner tab. You can see all available printer and scanner devices. Select your Epson device and hit on tap on Manage. Choose Set as Default option and tap on Confirm. After setting the Epson printer as default, all the print commands will directly transfer to Epson and you can take printouts reliably.

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