10 Great Spots For Snorkelling And Scuba Diving In Florida

Open a map and you’ll see why Florida is one of the best places to go Snorkelling and Scuba diving. With as many spots available here to go enjoy both activities as there are gators. The West and East coast provide a lot of options to go Diving (also often touted as the dive capital of America). In this blog, we consider only 10 Great Spots For Snorkelling And Scuba Diving In Florida for our readers.

While warm and calm water makes it ideal for snorkeling coupled with pristine waters and spots suited for all levels of snorkelers. So if you’re in search of both then don’t be overthink visiting the Allegiant Airlines Booking online and reaching Florida. You just can’t make up your mind which to choose from either, head to Florida then read this blog.

Let Us Discuss 10 Great Spots For Snorkelling And Scuba Diving In Florida

1. Snorkeling: Dry Tortugas

Garden Key here is the second-largest island amongst the group and is home to Fort Jefferson and some of the best spots to see marine life in the clear waters here. The vibrant coral reefs here bring in tropical fish, starfishes, queen conchs, and sea turtles.

If visitors want to explore more places Little Africa Reef and Windjammer. Visits here are best between April to November when winds are calmer and the tides are less turbulent resulting in better conditions for snorkeling.

2. Ginnie Springs

Visitors here can either opt to get their own equipment but if need be equipment renting is also available at a nominal rate of $12 only. Due to its immense popularity, the place can get a bit crowded during peak seasons and hence for optimal experience heading here during the off-season or weekday is recommended, leaving most of the time the entire park just to yourself.

3. Devil’s den

The water here due to its sheltered nature is always at a pleasant 72 degrees and snorkelers can dive in up to a depth of 54 feet deep. Only scuba divers and snorkelers are allowed and if you haven’t brought the gear you can easily rent some at the spot for $10 only.

4. Destin

Snorkelers here can expect to see snappers, redfish, barracuda, octopus and hermit crabs. For those interested in tours both Destin Snorkel and Flipper’s Adventure. You should visit Destin because this place provides you with two and half hour tours each. In a single trip, you can take the enjoyment of two different activities without any problem.

5. Pigeon Key

Snorkeling here will bring you face to face with a colorful assortment of fishes and artifacts of old underneath the water. It is advised to be wary here while diving as the currents here can be strong and no snorkeling gear is provided nor rented. So pack your own on your way to explore this place and do the amazing water activities with your friends here.

6. Scuba diving: Pensacola

There are many amazing places that have been tailor-made ranging 12 ships. Apart from this some are novice-friendly in shallow water but some are more technical for seasoned divers. Divers can expect to see here groupers, tuna, wahoo, smaller sharks, and rays. When you do the water activity like diving you see all these things under the water.

Have you known that some of the wrecks that you can be found here are the Navy Barge Camel, USS Oriskany, Russian Freighter San Pablo, USS Massachusetts, and an A-7 Corsair that fell off from the USS Lexington?

7. Christ Of The Abyss

At this popular site, one can expect to find string rays and eagle rays and those interested in booking a tour or getting instructions can easily do so in the PADI shop available there that provides full service.

Very few know that the statue is actually three in number with the others located in Italy and Grenada. Which is meant to commemorate those who lost their lives out at sea.

8. Tenneco towers

Sponges, turtles, barracuda, tuna and bull sharks are usual sightings here and the coral-encrusted pillars here make for an exceptional photo opportunity. Ranging between 60 to 130 feet, it is useful to remember that this place doesn’t provide beginner dives. This diving range gives you an amazing experience that you have never felt before.

If you are a beginner you need to follow all the safety rules and need some guidance. Mostly this place is visited by all experience people who have good experience in diving and snorkeling.

9. Spiegel Grove

Most of the divers can go for two to four dives to explore the wreck and check their capabilities. But all people should have probably need wreck certification to do so. All things considered, beginners should probably skip this spot as it is more suitable for at least intermediate and advanced divers. If you are an advanced diver then visit the Hawaiian Airlines Telefono Español and select one of the best packages for your journey.

10. Crystal River

As the name suggests the waters here are clear and you’ll be able to observe a lot many sea creatures like dolphins, tarpons and groupers. You are a person who loves nature’s beautiful creatures then this place makes you more happy and enjoyable.

The site has a lot many spots to explore and caters to every level of diving. The experts also get a lot of opportunities to keep themselves busy in this amazing destination. Mullet Springs, Magnolia Springs, and Catfish Corner are some great spots to dive here.

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